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Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein is a HighBar Consulting partner and founder of Nature of Business. Calvin is a strategic and systems thinker with 35 years of business experience and 15 years of experience as a resource to business leaders. He dedicates himself to the success and sustainability of people and the places they work. He is also the inventor of EON (Ecology of Needs), a framework that helps people understand how needs complement rather than complete.

Calvin’s experiences as an executive coach, corporate strategist, farmer and wildlife artist enable him to integrate natural principles with business practices to improve leadership and organizational performance.

Calvin spent 20 years with 3M HIS (Health Information Systems).  His last position with the company was Senior Strategist responsible for the global brand.  Calvin’s background and experience is augmented by several certifications: a coaching certification from the Hudson Institute, an evaluation and coaching certification from The Leadership Circle, and Medicare certification allowing him to provide volunteer services for Hospice patients near end-of-life.

A partial list of Calvin’s clients includes: Medtronic, Mediware, Fidelity Investments, McDonald’s, Beneficial Life, Equitable Life and Casualty, Full Circle Group and Smith Electric Vehicles.

Calvin is an avid artist, outdoorsman, and farmer who enjoys getting his hands dirty. He and his wife, Patty, divide their time between their farm in Iowa and their home in southern California.