HighBar unleashes leadership potential by focusing on both the team and the individual.

The capacity of any one individual on a leadership team to make an impact on their organization is significantly dependent upon the capacity and effectiveness of their team. At the same time, most leadership development programs - even group or cohort programs - focus specifically on assisting individuals in their development as effective leaders. And likewise, most leadership team effectiveness work focuses on the team entity, but not typically on the capability of each individual on the team to contribute based on their own capacity to lead. 

Building greater connection amongst team members sets the stage for enhanced performance.

At the team level, HighBar partners to align goals, roles, and team processes for decision-making, planning, communication, conflict management and decision making.  At the individual level, HighBar helps leaders increase awareness of their impact on others so that they can be their most productive as team members.  A typical engagement includes:

Assess the individual’s and the team’s current leadership profile: This assessment forms a foundation of self-awareness and common language that sets the stage for more objective communication and understanding among team members.
Conduct team sessions:  Designed for the specific needs of each individual team, HighBar weaves stimulating individual development content and practice into the broader work of defining or realigning the team. This deepens relationships among team members, and builds greater connection. That connection becomes the secret sauce.

We have seen first-hand that teams in which individuals have greater individual awareness and deeper connections also have higher engagement, capacity for, and commitment to achieving team results. In other words, they are high-performing teams. And on top of that, these team members get greater satisfaction from their work and colleague interactions.