Organization and Culture Transformation

HighBar helps organizations build the organization and culture required to achieve its strategic goals. 

We bring all of our capabilities - Strategy, Organization Design, Leadership, Team and Talent – to our Transformation work.   

There is no single, correct way to design an organization for success. Simply put, the “right” design is that which supports the Vision and Strategy.  We believe in simple frameworks. Organizations are complex enough. Here’s the high level view of our Transformation approach:


Whether our client aims to grow, increase productivity, breed innovation, or increase customer intimacy, our structured approach helps them identify the capabilities, processes, structure, culture and talent processes needed to get there.

What’s unique about HighBar’s approach isn’t that it’s phased, or structured. It integrates all of the elements that make any initiative or change successful:

  • We engage leaders and staff at all levels in aspects of the change appropriate to their expertise and role all along the way, so the change is theirs.
  • We take a strengths-based approach – we start with what is working and build on it.
  • We design roles and structures to optimize engagement of people and create effectiveness and efficiency of the work. They are not mutually exclusive, but rather are mutually dependent.
  • We see it through – the work is not done until people are functioning productively in the newly defined state.


When business priorities, decision rights, job roles and work activities are aligned, an organization can create the desired culture.  HighBar follows a structured approach to help organizations achieve this.

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