HighBar helps organizations home-grow the capabilities required to achieve strategic goals.

There is no single, correct way to design an organization; the "right" way supports the vision and strategy.  Whether a client aims to enhance performance by growing more productively, breed innovation or increase productivity, HighBar will help identify the structure, talent and processes needed to get there.

Changing Work Changes Culture.

Alignment of business priorities, decision rights, job roles and work activities creates desired culture.  HighBar follows a structured approach to help organizations align activities to the strategy:

Define core capabilities:  What do we need to be great at?
Identify critical business activities:  How will work need to change in the future and who gets to make key decisions?
Determine leadership requirements:  How should senior executives lead in this organization?
Design roles, competencies and structure:  How do we organize activities into jobs?  What are the knowledge areas, skills and behaviors that will make people successful?
Implement:  How should stakeholders be engaged?  What are the new performance expectations?  How will employees be selected and trained?  What is the sustainment plan?