HighBar’s approach to strategy development is a pragmatic one.

We believe that a strategic plan is high quality if it does three things:

Defines strategy:  It focuses the energy of an organization in a single common and strategic direction
Establishes tactics:  It provides a work plan and road map for achieving the key priorities of the organization
Engages stakeholders:  It involves a variety of people, including those who participate in the process and those whose goals and objectives are tied directly to the strategic plan

While these notions are simple, many strategic planning processes lack one or more.  HighBar’s strategic planning process is structured to achieve all three. 

Strategic Plans are most executable when there is a golden thread.

There must be a direct relationship from the Vision and Mission of the organization all the way through individual goals and objectives.  This "golden thread" ties the work of each individual to the objectives of the organization.

Such alignment not only ensures the organization’s ability to achieve the Vision, Mission and Strategic Priorities, but creates significant engagement and job satisfaction for employees who are able to see the relationship between their work and achieving the mission of the organization.