Talent Effectiveness

Make talent your market differentiator

We can help you align your talent and talent systems with your business strategy. One way we accomplish this is by identifying the high-impact talent and talent processes that will help you achieve your short and longer-term objectives.

HighBar utilizes proprietary tools and frameworks for design and implementation of all aspects of talent management. We start with our frameworks, but we believe that one size definitely does not fit all - we apply our knowledge to help you find the best solutions in the areas of:

  • Talent data analytics to identify critical roles and game-changing competencies
  • Individual and team leadership development
  • Workforce, talent and succession development
  • Redesign of roles and competency modeling
  • Performance management
  • Recruitment, assessment and selection systems
  • Onboarding
  • Career management
  • Development - skills training, cohort action learning, education, peer coaching
  • Team building

We optimize your talent to make it your competitive advantage.

How we accomplish top-down talent transformation

Talent Effectiveness work can take on a variety of forms. The following describes, at the highest level, how we help organizations build talent:

  • Workforce Demand: What is your three - to five-year business strategy? Based on the answer, we help you ferret out the talent requirements for achieving the strategy.

  • Workforce Supply: Do you have the right talent in your organization? What does the labor market supply look like? Based on those answers, we use talent data analytics to review the current talent against the future demand, both inside and outside the organization.

  • Address the Gaps: Depending on the gaps, we will help you build the right talent system for the future whether it be redefining jobs, competencies and structures, or shoring up talent management processes, or strengthening leadership.
Talent Effectiveness


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